We’re going to stop our clothing store. Are you here to get all the new clothes we didn’t sell? A planned closure of Panic Fashion. Unfortunately due to the corona the final sales was not possible. Therefore we were allowed to pick everything up and give it a good destination. Of course we are grateful for this opportunity and hope to be able to help many missionaries and mission projects with this.

We will now renew and organize the clothing that we keep especially to give to our missionaries. The other stock we will pack to send to the people in Albania and other countries who are in need. It is nice to be able to help a lot of people with beautiful new clothing.

Due to the corona situation, many children cannot attend school. For (missionary) families with children at home, there is a shortage of computers to be able to allow them to work all at the same time. In March, we received a request from Youth with a Mission (Heidebeek) who came to pick up 8 computers for several families. Pastors and youth workers came with a simiilar request. At Hands to Serve the team is temporarily a lot smaller because of the Corona – for the safety of everyone – but we try to help as much as possible with the people who are there.

We were invited by the American Protestant Church to their annual bazaar. They offered us all the clothes left at the end of the day. This turned out to be a lot of boxes filled with clothes.

It was a busy day with the  sale of a wonderful selection of international foods, pies, jams and cookies. People could browse through stacks of books, cd’s and films. As well as children’s toys and items for their home. All of it sold to financially support the many missions the church supports.

A large selection of donated clothes was offered for sale

In the boutique they sold the fancy and more special items.

At the end of the bazaar many people helped to pack all the left over clothes in boxes and bags. We were thankful for all this help, because it was far to much for just the two of us to pack.

People from the missions committee (and others) helped carry it to the van, we had brought to take it all to Hands To Serve

Stacks of boxes with shoes and clothes were piled into the van in some form of organized chaos.

Back in Strijen we started unloading the content in carts to start the sorting process

Four carts loaded to the brim with boxes and sacks. Wow, we are thankful for all this material.

The ladies already started sorting the clothes. Some of it will be used to serve missionaries and a part of it will be transported to people in Romania.

Even this week two people came by to pick up clothing for missionaries that had recently moved to France. They had first served in a different hot climate country and hadn’t been able to bring many of their worldly goods to France. So they desperately needed some warm clothing. We found coats, sweaters, shoes and lots of other things that would be boxed and posted to this couple in France!