The computer department team prepares and repairs computers for missionaries. Our goal is to provide everyone with  equipment ready to be used in their mission. All systems are loaded with licensed software in the language of the country of destination.

We spend lots of time preparing and cleaning computers, printers, servers, network equipment and much more. Only after rigorous tests we will send the equipment to the mission organizations and their missionaries. This testing is important to us to ensure most equipment works well after arrival on the mission field.

Based on the requirements of the end user we will pre-load the computers with the software they will need. For this purpose we are registered as a “Microsoft Certified Refurbisher” This allows us to donate Windows and Office software licenses for a very low price to charitable organizations who fulfill the Microsoft charity requirements.

If you would like to apply for computer equipment you can send an email to explaining:

  • What exactly you need; how many computers, desktops or laptops, printer(s) and more.
  • The destination address of the computers and how to get it there.
  • Are there any rules that prohibit the import of this equipment into this country?
  • What language would you like us to install on these computer(s). Do you need special keyboards (other than ‘QUERTY’)
  • What are the power plugs used in your country? European or something else?
  • Any other details we would need to know.

Please be aware we limit our computer projects to mission groups or contact persons who live or have an office in Europe and North America. So if you need our help for example in Africa, we require you to provide contact details from a European office of your organization.

We look forward to your email.

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