We cooperate with a lot of companies to reuse materials for missions. If necessary, we invest lots of time to check and repair the goods given to us. We securely wipe computer hard disks and reinstall all the software. It is encouraging to see how many companies help us with quality materials to allow us to support missionaries. Our aim is to serve missions, therefore we will hand out materials for free if they are given to us without costs.

With the above buttons you can select the different departments we can use materials for. Follow these links to find more detailed information on what we can use.

Often people visit us to bring us equipment, but if it concerns a large amount of materials we could also discuss the possibility of us coming to collect it.

We were invited by the American Protestant Church to their annual bazaar. They offered us all the clothes left at the end of the day. This turned out to be a lot of boxes filled with clothes. It was a busy day with the  sale of a wonderful select...