We are very happy with the computer equipment given to us from companies and private individuals. We wipe all the hard disks and reinstall the computers with Windows 10 after which we donate it to mission projects all over the world.

Here is an overview of the equipment we could use:

✓ Pentium dual-core (or newer) laptops (preferably with power supply) or PC’s.
Recognizable by a Vista or Windows 7 (or 8) sticker on the case. (Computers with XP stickers are often too old)
✓ Apple MacBooks, iMacs or Mac mini’s with Intel processor
✓ Tablets and smartphones from any brand or age.
✓ Servers with 64bit CPU and space for at least 32Gb of memory.
✓ 17 inch flat screen (or beter).
✓ Loose components; Hard disks, plug-in cards, memory, usb sticks etc.
✓ Network items; Cables, firewalls, WiFi-equipment, switches etc.
✓ Laser printers. (Inkjet printers are not in demand any longer)
✓ Laptops with defects like broken keys or a broken screen.

We can offer proof to companies about the certified wiping of the hard disks.
At this moment we have no requests for:
✓ Inkjet printers
✓ Old thick monitors (CRT)
✓ Analog televisions

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