Who else could have planned this? Steve (Who has been the leader of Hands to Serve for 50+ years) travels to the UK, meets a lovely lady and falls in love….

Subsequently Steve went to the UK and married Helen, he is now going to live in the country of his birth. Helen is a woman after Gods heart and also Steve’s heart!

Wedding cake for everyone

At Hands to Serve we have been privileged to see this process happening during the last year and you can imagine how happy and thankful we are for what God has done in their lives.

Oma came too!

After the official wedding in the UK and the honeymoon in France, we were able to finally congratulate them in person here in the Netherlands. They had a wonderful reception in Oud-Beijerland and in Steve’s church in Rotterdam the next day, the pastor prayed for a blessing over their marriage.

Steve speech

With the UK as his new home base, Steve will be doing English P.R. for Hands to Serve, because preaching Gods Word is one of the most important things in his life as well as talking about Hands to Serve.

After more than 50 years of faithful service to the Lord in the Netherlands, Steve has decided to move back to the UK. God brought a new love into his life. He and Helen plan to get married in February 2019. Here are the details of the wedding service:

An increased heartrate followed by an irregular heartbeat made Randy (who is in charge of the Hands To Serve garage) travel to the emergency doctor here on our island on Saturday the 24th of March. The friend who drove him there then took him to the hospital in Rotterdam after the doctor directed him to go.

The outcome of a heart ECG and various other checks was a 95% OK, but they wanted to do a second blood test for safety reasons. That same afternoon Randy came home and instantly continued taking care of Oma and his work at Hands To Serve. Looking after Oma (his mother) is not something you can put on hold.

The time in the hospital gave Randy a chance to reflect on his life. It brought home the need to prayerfully change his daily life. It’s the start of a renewed spiritual quest to ask the Lord what needs to change and how.

The constant care for Oma, together with Ruth, Steve, the local nurses and many friends and volunteers from our village has drained Randy of his energy. Long days with little sleep while mission work continues at high speed has not been easy. Also the departure of Doug, our full time mechanic, has made a big impact on Randy’s work life.

More medical tests are needed for Randy. The discussion to move Oma to a care home is now more real than ever. Please pray with us for wisdom and insight to make the right decisions. Much will depend on the availability of a room in a care home close to us.