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Computers for missionaries

Computer StockWith a large team we work on preparing computers for missionaries. The main goal is to help all missionaries and their organizations with high quality (used & new) equipment. All systems are cleaned and checked and refurbished with legal software in the required language.

A dedicated group of people works to prepare PCs, printers, servers, network devices and more. Only after extensive testing and approval this equipment is donated to missionaries and their organizations.

We have developed a procedure to wipe existing information from the hard drives and give the hardware a thorough test. Testing is important because we like to make sure that equipment works well when it arrives at its destination.

Based on the requirements of the recipient we will prepare the computers with legal software. We are registered as a “Microsoft Certified Refurbisher” This allows us to install legal Windows aMicrosoftRefurbishernd Office software at very low costs, for people and organizations recognized by Microsoft as a charity.

If you have any questions or would like to apply for computers you can send an e-mail to computer@stichtinghand.nl We often have a number of projects we are working on and new projects have to wait for older ones to complete. It helps us if you ask for equipment as early as possible and give us enough time to handle your project with the detailed care it deserves.