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The annual ‘International Conference on Computing and Missions’ helps missions and their IT staff to share knowledge on missions and computing.

This ICCM conference has started about 25 years ago in the USA. Starting in 2009 we have led a team op people who organized this conference Europe. This allows people unable to travel to the USA to take part in a network of technical mission workers and others with a hart for computers and missions

This annual 3 day event is held either in the Netherlands or Germany and hopes to create an informal setting for missionaries to share their IT knowledge and learn from each other. People with a hart for missions and working in business or studying are also very welcome to take part and make new friends to share knowledge with.

We invite a keynote speaker to speak about his work in IT and missions and share about his personal life. A long list of workshops is planned, making use of the people available at the conference. This creates an event “for missionaries by missionaries”. Workshops are divided in tracks: “Management & leadership”, “Development and Web related”, “Basic tech” and “Advanced Tech”. Allowing for a wide variety of topics with different levels of technical content. Combining all of this with singing and praying together to create lasting friendships that go on long after the conference has ended.