Hands to serve God’s servants

50 years of blessing!

celebrating50_9518_600x500On the 17th of September we celebrated our 50th Anniversary. We had an Open House at the Mission building in Strijen and had festivities in- and outside the garage. We thankfully realize it has been 50 years of using the technical abilities given by Him to the glory of His Kingdom. Knowing it would never have been possible without Gods guidance and support.

Many were able to come that day en we really appreciate this. It is good to see that there is so much interest in the work we do here. Team members were in the departments to tell about their work and we had a power point presentation running. We also had wonderful food and drinks to serve. It was a successful day which we really enjoyed! We want to thank each and everyone who helped to make the day a success, in whatever way, food, cleaning, helping decorate, etc. We also want to thank everyone who sent cards, emails, flowers and gifts. All your support helps us to continue the work.

God bless you!


The Hands to Serve Team