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19 July 2017:

The church service on Thursday will be available as live audio stream

Many of it will be in Dutch, but one speaker will be in English.

The service starts 14:00 hours (GMT+1) this translates (for example) to 8:00 am New York time.

15 July 2017:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Sandy went to be with her Lord and Master yesterday evening (13/7).

She had been in a lot of pain and we had asked the Lord to heal her or to take her home to Himself. We are thankful for the doctor and the nurses who have ministered to her so that she could be pain free and come to rest. A short time after the treatment she departed to a place of eternal peace and joy in the presence of our Father in Heaven.

The funeral will be held in Strijen, Thurday the 20th 14:00h.

Here is the download link with the information for the funeral.

12 July 2017:

Life is very interesting for Randy and I at the moment. Sandy needs more of time because of the weakness of her body. If you cannot eat then you are gradually starving and this is the case with Sandy. This means that Randy or I have to be at the mission to look after these two precious ladies (Sandy & Oma).  People around me are surprised that Sandy is still living. I tell them that it is the wonderful love that we have for each other after 52 + years of marriage.

We are still in working on a court case between the mission and the tax office, about our Dutch tax-exempt status. The last judge recognized the value of the work we do and acknowledged it as a vital part of the ministries we serve. Sadly the tax office did not agree with the judge and are taking it to a higher court. Please keep praying as we prepare the paperwork for this next step.

Doug is still with us because governments are slow in getting papers ready for them. We are thankful for his family and his hands in the workshop.

Paul’s computer work continues to grow. We are thrilled that we can serve other mission organizations in this way. Paul also has his hands full with the communications with our expert on the tax situation

Ruth has her hands full as she does her best to take Sandy’s place. We are thrilled with her work and the freezer is full of food that we received.

8 March 2017:

Paul, Margré and I (Steve) went to Den Haag to attend the sitting between St. HAND and the ANBI tax office. Margré is the lady who is our legal financial person. We arrived early because we were not certain about traffic jams. We sat and had a coffee and then Margré came and joined us. We had found out where everything was going to take place so we finally went and waited outside of the room where it was to take place. When we went in there were four desks with one lady and two men who were the judges and one man who was writing everything down. The tax office brought their case and then we (Margré) presented ours.Then the oldest Judge started to ask questions and in turn the tax people and ourselves took turns to answer them. At one point one of the judges asked the oldest judge why do we have to judge these things on money alone!

We left the court with the feeling that at least the Judges were listening to us. I personally have for some time given the whole thing into the Lord’s hands and said “Lord we want what we do to glorify you”. Please work it out so that we can do that. I put everything into your hands.

We will hear in six weeks what their decision is.

Meanwhile we pray and press on looking up to HIM for HIS will to be done.


28 February 2017:

As you might know we have a court case on the 7th of March regarding our Tax status. Please pray for Steve and Paul as they will go to the courthouse. Pray for a positive outcome for Hands to Serve but above all, His will be done!

Sandy will go back to the hospital on the 17th of March. She has the idea the tumor is growing and wants to ask the doctor for a new CT-scan. This is the same doctor that told her she cannot help Sandy anymore. Please pray the Lord will soften her heart towards Sandy.

We are very thankful that the yearly ICCM conference went well. The participant went home blessed and encouraged. Pray that what they learned at the conference they can apply in the field where they are serving to glorify the Lord.


Stop the press:  We have just heard (30 January) that the date for the court case between the Charity Tax Office and Stichting Hand has been set at 7 March. We would ask that you pray for a positive outcome of this case for the mission.

Summer 2016:

The summer holiday period is over and most of the team have returned from their time away.
We had some extremely busy weeks during this time as in the middle of July we were told
that we had to get out of the barn that we were using for storage. Many items have gone to Romania and Burkina Faso, but some things had to be scraped due to lack of storage space.
Pray that we could find a building to store materials in that we are given. Without it we have
to refuse materials that are useful to mission groups worldwide.

On the 27th of July, after a routine CT scan, Sandy was told that the cancer has returned and
she only has 6 months to a year to live.   Please Pray for Sandy’s healing! There is another page on this site with much more information.

Cor, one of the men working in the computer department and an old friend, has non Hodgkin
cancer and is having chemotherapy. Please pray for him and his wife.

Arjan, who has helped at the mission for years in many departments, had a back operation and
now is recovering from this. Please pray that there would be a complete recovery.

Please pray for Oma (Evelyn) she keeps right on going. We recently were able to buy a help
motor for her wheel chair which means the person pushing her does not have to work so hard.

Prayer for the Dutch tax office as we are having on going problems as it seems they do not
have any answers,  because we do not fit into any of their boxes. We are servants of the living

Pray for at least two mechanics who could maintain the car loan fleet.

As we look forward to the mission’s Open Afternoon on 17 September, there is much to be
done to get ready. We are looking forward to seeing you.

December 2015:
Praise the Lord with us for His faithfulness during 2015; we look forward to 2016 and are praying that we can continue to serve many so that the Gospel will be spread throughout the world.

Please continue to pray for a good outcome for the mission’s Charity Tax situation. We are so thankful for those who have been able to continue on giving in 2015.

Praise the Lord with us that Wilma’s arm is improving and she is now able to help at the mission on three days a week for two hours each day. Please continue to pray for complete healing.

Pray for Sandy as she has to go back to the hospital on 21 December for another scan and then on 31 December for the results. There is another page on this site with much more information.

Please keep praying for Sandy, Randy and Steve who take care of Oma (Evelyn) 24/7.  Oma will be 99 on 27 January 2016 and we know that she would love to hear from you.

Thank the Lord with us for the safety that He gave in the mission garage and for all the missionaries who drove mission cars during 2015. What a blessing it is to us to be able to serve. Please pray with us for another full time mechanic (by law this must be a European Union citizen).

July 2015 :
Sandy has had a CT-Scan on the 14th of July. A few days later we went to hear the results of this scan. Sandy has an object in her body the size of a melon. At he moment doctors do not know what to do about it, but they agree it need to be removed in the near future. In the coming weeks she has many appointments for further tests. Please pray with us as we go trough this difficult time. There is an other page on this site with much more information.

Wilma, who works in our office, has problems with her arm. This also results in several planned hospital visits. Please pray for her too. She will not be able to help at the mission for a while to allow her arm to rest and heal.

Please keep praying for Sandy, Randy and Steve who also have to take care of Oma (Evelyn) 24/7